Amitiza AR App

Categories:Augmented Reality

Date: Feb 2019

Development of an Augmented Reality application for the launch of the drug Amitiza of the pharmaceutical company Takeda. Two different interactives were generated within the same application. In the first, 4 markers of 2 meters x 2.50 meters were created which, when recognized by the mobile device, triggered 3D animations highlighting some of the characteristics of the medicine. People could record videos and send them to their emails to share their experience. The second part of the application made use of the "Merge Cube" to mount digital contents on their faces that could be appreciated through Google Cardboard glasses.

Programming Languages

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The application was created for Android devices in Unity3D through Vuforia and allows the user to view content of the Amitiza drug for its brand launch.

And the assembly was carried out on two occasions, once in Mexico City and the other in Mérida, Yucatán.